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A shocking video allegedly showing a Lagos State politician performing a strange ritual while naked has been posted on the internet by a controversial Nigerian pastor.
The video titled, ‘APC – A SATANIC PARTY’ was posted on video-sharing website YouTube by ‘Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin’, the General Overseer of Lagos based ministry Resurrection Praise Ministries International, popularly known as ‘Jehovah Sharp-Sharp’. 

In it, a man he alleges to be Hon. Olusola Israel Adekunle, the local government chairman of Alimosho, Lagos, is seen stark naked in a swampy area sitting on a horse. He is heard muttering some unintelligible words before pouring a reddish substance all over him which the cleric described as ‘human blood’.
The video was preempted by an article on a Nigerian blog several months ago, revealing that during the ‘ritual’, Hon Adekunle had placed curses on his political enemies while appealing for favour in the eyes of the national leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.
In his comments, ‘Archbishop’ Benjamin alleges that the same ritual has been undertaken by all prominent members of APC, describing the political party as ‘satanic’.
“Has Papa E.A Adeboye of RCCG allowed Pastor Prof. Yemi Osibanjo go through the same ritual process or will he allow him to do it,” the cleric then ponders, insisting that although Adeboye is his spiritual father, he has permitted politics to compromise his Christian faith.
OLUSOLA ISRAEL ADEKUNLE is yet to respond to the divisive video.
Click this link if the video does not play.
This message is not to whip up sentiments or to create hatred, but I owe it to Nigerians to speak the truth. I am a Pastor of one of the largest single sitting congregation in the world. I am not a card carrying member of the PDP (People Democratic Party) nor for APC (All Progressive Congress), but a prophet and an advocate for the oppressed and voiceless citizens of Nigeria. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is innocent.


Anonymous said…
Politics has always been a dirty game and the fact this Local govt chairman was caught in the act does not make all the APC member an occult. Every political party are also involve in this ritualist in the name of getting favour and safety, so one should not point fingers on one party. the pastor that release the video should be question also.