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O3 Capital Introduces First Non-Bank Credit Card.

O3 Capital Nigeria Ltd is a wholly Nigerian owned financial service institution that offers various consumer loans using the credit card as its delivery channel. O3 Capital became the first non-bank credit card issuer in Nigeria when they recently introduced theirO3 Credit Cards into the market. The credit cards work on the Interswitch network which means they can be used on all ATMs, POS and internet payment sites in Nigeria. Continue...

Cross section of guest during the Media Launch of O3 Capital Limited  Credit Card held at southern Sun Hotel in Lagos, on Thursday August 28 2014.

The Card enterprise is driven by an ultramodern Card Management System that is provided by a leading Canadian software company Bevertec CST and a Customer Relationship Management System which is provided by Redmain, a UK based CRM Solution provider,that provides a robust experience for the cardholder while guaranteeing transaction and data security.O3 Cards comply with the international EMV standard with data transmission done under an encrypted and secure environment.  Our entire operating systems would run on certified platforms that are PCI DSS certified in line with international security standards issued by The PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council). 

The best marketing model that describes the credit card market in Nigeria is the adoption model. This is the model where the industry is “virgin” (in its state of infancy) and there is a need for the establishment of a credit card culture and infrastructure. O3 Capital intends to drive the evolution of this credit card culture in Nigeria given that there are less than 100,000 existing credit cards in a country that has a population of 160 million. We believe that the key to achieve competitive advantage is through our product differentiation strategy and product efficacy.

The mission of O3 Capital is to provide the average Nigerian with access to funds to enable them meet everyday consumption requirements. With O3 cards, the average Nigerian will not be “cash-strapped” but will have that additional funding source to meet daily needs. With O3 cards, all the customer’s basic needs become affordable.

From left, Managing Director, CRC Credit Bureau,Mr Tunde Popoola;Chairman,O3 Capital Nigeria Limited, Bode Emmanuel and Managing Director,O3 Capital Nigeria Limited,Mr Abimbola Pinheiro,and  Vice President,Maxut Incorporated,Mr Martin Ajayiobe during the Media Launch of O3 Capital Limited  Credit Card held at southern Sun Hotel in Lagos, on Thursday August 28 2014.

Our objective correlates to that of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Financial System Strategy 2020, which includes the Cashless Policy. Its objective is to promote economic activity by utilising innovative payment systems with ease of accessibility to the general populace. Deployment of credit cards should give the relevant boost to the Nigerian economy by increasing the purchasing power of the consumer by driving activity in the economy across the board. O3 takes the CBN cashless policy to a whole new level
The O3 selection process is extremely thorough with a high level KYC scrutiny in line with our philosophy of “Right Customer Low Risk”. The IT infrastructure is integrated with the existing credit bureaus which enables an automated credit history review of each applicant. The card management system has a predictable risk management and anti-fraud solution. And as a last resort, all the cards would be insured.
The O3 Card allows you to purchase all forms of goods and services whenever and wherever you want, without ready cash. The cards can be used at restaurants, hotels, supermarkets. hospitals, petrol stations, schools, airline counter or sites etc.All purchases or withdrawals made during the month (payment cycle) the cardholder is expected to make only one payment which does not have to be the whole amount. The cardholder can pay only 10% of what is outstanding on the account and roll the balance over till when is more convenient.

There are 3 basic criteria to qualify for a card; be above 21 years old, have a job and live in Nigeria. O3 Cards have credit limits up to N1,500,000 which are revolving credit lines that are valid for 24 months.

O3 Cards also issue Business (Business Owners and SMEs) and Corporate Cards.

The convenience O3 Cards offer starts from the application process. You apply online from your desk and the card and Pin would be delivered to you at your desk

Visit www.o3cards.com