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Nigeria Music Industry Is Growing Bigger, Not Better Capital Femi.


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Capital FEMI is a Nigerian artiste who is carving a niche for himself in the music industry at home and abroad. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on his new album and what has kept him away from the spotlight for a while
What has been happening to Capital FEMI?
Good things and greater things to come have been happening to Capital FEMI. I feel brand new and its all thanks to God.
Im a man doing what he loves and at the same time, living life a day at a time. Im God-fearing, not perfect and working on being just a good person.
Why Capital FEMI?
There are lots of Femis out there and in the industry, but I am the one and only Capital FEMI; which means I stand out from the rest.
Since your hit I Got Money in which you featured Idris Abdulkareem and your album launch, you went missing in action, why?
Its been a while I know. When youre a creative person, it takes a bit. My first album took about 2 1/2 years to get done and released. I know Im in an industry that if you dont put out singles very often it seems youre not around. Im here watching and doing my homework so I can pass the next test of my career.
You are releasing a single soon featuring MI, tell us more about the collaboration and what inspired it?
The single is titled Tonight and its produced by Victorious Iconz. MI for me is always a sure bet and Ive been looking forward to working with him from the get go. I believe all things happen when they are supposed to and it did. A big thank you goes out to Kenny Keke Ogungbe and Audu Maikori, for also making sure it happened. MI is a great guy hands down; he got into the studio and knocked it out. Truly, shooting the video is something that will be very nice to see. Two short guys with class. (laughs)
Tell us about your style
I like being simple, natural and comfortable in what I wear. I hate loud colours. This makes black my favourite colour. My younger brother and few designers make me look good. Its all about having a team that understands your brand and they would help make you shine.
There are rumours making the rounds that you secretly wed your long time girlfriend, is this true?
(Smiles) All I can say is Im a single man right now. Sometimes things just dont work no matter the effort you put into it, because its not meant to be.
Do you still have a good working relationship with Kennis Music?
Yes, I have a good working relationship with Kennis Music. No matter where I go or what I do Ill always have a good working relationship with Kennis Music.
Many Nigerian musicians have ventured into movies, 2face and Sound Sultan are examples, do you have the same aspirations?
Yes I do, I started in theatre and when the right opportunity comes, Im game and ready.
Many people dont know Im an actor. I like acting and I did a lot of Broadway; you might see that in years to come. I always wanted to be Denzel Washington; I think Im as good looking as he is.
What was your first stage experience and first pay cheque in showbiz?
It was in America with a 4-man group at a carnival. But in Nigeria, it was the Ovation Red Carol in 2010, held at the Eko Hotel & Suites poolside.
Wowthough, I have had some pay cheques; the major one was from the performance I had at the Oando Christmas party and it was courtesy of my record label, Kennis Music. It was not a bad pay cheque for an upcoming artiste and I took it to my father to bless it before withdrawing it. It was within the range of half a million naira.
Tell us about your worst and happiest moments in life?
The first time I heard my song on radio it gave me a huge feeling of satisfaction. I try to enjoy every moment, because every moment is precious no matter the circumstance.
I love the goodness in people and get pissed by the opposite ugliness.
What do you think of the music industry and the current crop of musicians?
The music industry is growing fast as we all know. We have received more international acceptance, which is great. Artistes/musicians are using this opportunity to take things across the shores, which is fantastic. But then, are we getting better? Thats another question. But we are definitely getting bigger.
Most Nigerian artistes have refused to dabble into politics, if called upon to speak on the recent insurgency, what would be you message to Nigerians, especially the youth?
I think Nigerians need to care about Nigeria. Theres too much going on for us not to say anything. Bring Back Our Girls is a movement that everyone took on, but what happens here is we just find a way to forget or just stop. We need to stop playing politics with everything and just care about one another. I am always willing and ready to lend my voice to issues I feel strongly about. Domestic violence is one of them for me.
What is your most memorable Christmas?
It was the one I celebrated with my father and the rest of my family members. It was memorable because after leaving for the US at age 11, I had not in a long while celebrated Christmas with him in Lagos. All my siblings came around and we had a full house.
If you are given an opportunity to change something in your life what would it be?
I wont change a thing; Im still making the best out of this life.