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The "Broom Challenge" takes social media by storm once again

Monitor Twp. Fire Department posting pictures of brooms standing. (Photo from Monitor Twp. Fire Dept.)
FLINT, Mich - Scroll through social media and you will most likely see pictures and videos of brooms standing on their own.
A common posts on Twitter says "you can stand a broom up only today because of a gravitational pull that will occur only today."
People are also citing NASA saying NASA announced that on Feb. 10, and only Feb. 10, can people stand up a broom because of the earth’s gravitational pull.

NASA has not posted anything about the broom challenge.

According to Wired.com it all has to do with the broom itself and not the planets or gravity.
Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey breaks down this huge topic on social media.

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The Michigan State Police got in on the "Broom Challenge" having fun with the viral social media.
Source: Mid-Michigan - NBC News