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SPONSORED AD: Get This Zero Down-Payment Home Solar Offer By Solynta Energy This Festive Season.

Are you tired of shortage of national power supply?
 Are you tired of buying fuel every day or week for your generator? 

Then this FREE Solar Zero Money Down Payment Is For You This Christmas.

Zero Money Down Solar is a unique offer that allows you to purchase a complete Solar Home System without a deposit. Our systems provide 24 Hours Power.

You simply make 36 monthly payments to fully own your Solar Home System. An installation fee also applies

Let Me Explain...

1. Your installation fee is due when placing your order
2. Once your system is delivered your 1st monthly payment is due to ensure your installation engineer can activate your box
3. Your subsequent 35 payments are paid monthly

Before Zero Money Down Solar our customers had to pay us a deposit (amounts shown below). Now you pay no deposit.

N500 watts = N156,450
1KW = N312,550
1.5KW = N401,100
2KW = N624,750

Now Here Is What Each Solar System Can Power & Pricing:

For 500 watts system: 
4 Lights, Fan, Small TV, Gadgets.
Initial Deposit - 0 
; Monthly Payment - N15,000
Installation Fee: ₦10,000

For 1 Kilowatts system: 
6 Lights, 2 Fans, TV, Gadgets, Small Fridge, Sound System. 
Initial Deposit - 0 ;
 Monthly Payment - N30,000
Installation Fee: ₦20,000

For 1.5 Kilowatts system: 
8 Lights, 3 Fans,TV, Gadgets, Large Fridge, 2 Sound Systems.
Initial Deposit - 0 ;
 Monthly Payment - N45,000
Installation Fee: ₦25,000

2 Kilowatts system: 
10 Lights, 3 Fans, 2 TV's, Gadgets, Large Fridge, Water Pump, Microwave, Washing Machine, 2 Sound Systems.
Initial Deposit - 0 ; 
Monthly Payment - N60,000 
Installation Fee: ₦30,000

Hurry Now Call/DM Me To Get Started Today: 

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