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Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

LoveWorld President Declares 2019 is the Year of LIGHTS.

“This year, you are going to shine ever so brightly,” Pastor Chris says, declaring 2019 to be ‘the Year of Lights’.

The much-anticipated moment of the New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris came moments ago as the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declared 2019 to be ‘the Year of LIGHTS’! “This year, you are going to shine ever so brightly,” the LoveWorld President said, further qualifying the prophetic insight for the year.

Expounding on this defining word of the year, Pastor Chris shared four important things about light: light is for illumination; light gives leadership; light gives empowerment; and, light is for signs and wonders. These four types of the light, as described by the man of God, have positioned a most glorious year for LoveWorld citizens and participants in the service all over the world.

“We’re entering into a new phase of the Church’s ministry in the earth, like as never been known before — a dimension of the glory of God in the earth beyond what the Church had known,” Pastor Chris declared in prophecy. The man of God went on to hint that powerful angels like have never been on the earth before are being released to help the Church accomplish the Father’s desires. “You’re going to see signs and wonders like

Happy new year!

Source: CEOnline