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Christ Embassy: Preparations for the IPPC 2018 Have Officially Commenced

The International Pastors 'and Partners' Conference of 2018 is happening in under a week and preparations have already commenced. The annual event will take place from the 12th to the 18th of November 2018 in the Loveworld Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Pastor Chris led church, Christ Embassy, will welcome global partners of the Believers LoveWorld network and their numerous subsidiaries for a week-long convention. The event, known as the IPPC contains a series of conferences, namely International Pastors’ Conference, International Partners’ Conference, International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference (ITPLC), Loveworld Exhibition, International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC), Loveworld Archives, Loveworld Awards and Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA), all of which celebrate the many humanitarian, religious and cultural accomplishments of the Believers LoveWorld network.

Some particularly notable parts from previous years have been the Loveworld Exhibition (https://www.pastorchrisoyakhilomeevents.com/loveworld-exhibition-2018-displays-of-glory/) and the LIMA Awards. The Loveworld Exhibition is a huge expo that "features an array of presentations, testimonies and activities geared to the advancement of the gospel" and showcases the church's many achievements and exploits.

The LIMA awards, a ceremony for a significant part of the cultural aspect of the church, celebrates its many gospel performers and artistes. At the very end, an award ceremony announces the Believers LoveWorld Ministry's top musicians.
In the most recent communion of this month, Pastor Chris gave an address on the highly anticipated event, saying “This year’s IPPC will be like never before. Get ready for a time of the Spirit." This statement has since stirred a massive buzz in the nation, prompting organizers to even create additional space in order to fully facilitate everyone.
Dipo Poopola from the Nigerian Loveworld Plus talk-show program expressed the huge sense of excitement of the biggest conference of the year, saying “I know that I will be absolutely blessed by the teachings of Pastor Chris and I’m ready for it.”

Global partners have already started flying in and are currently being welcomed by Christ Embassy representatives.
The Christ Embassy is a global church organization that is made up of thousands of congregations around the world. The global network includes Rhapsody of Realities, The Healing School and the LoveWorld television stations, as well as its affiliated publishing house- LoveWorld Publications.
Christ Embassy's goal is to enrich the nation with "God's divine spirit". The church is comprised of many subsidiaries, all led by notable spiritual leaders from around the world. The ministry has made a significant influence in North America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia.
For updates and more information on International Pastors 'and Partners' Conference of 2018, follow the event on Kingschat https://web.kingsch.at/trending-tags/itplc2018.

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