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This Month Face Of Akuson Henry Blog - Afriklass Teshola

 1, What is your full name?
      Oluwanisola Teresa Boukwei

 2, Where do you reside and what is your state and country of origin?
      resides presently in Lagos state, From Cameroon.

 3, What is your email, phone number, bbm pin, facebook id, Instagram or twitter handle.
    Email (Teresa.william70@yahoo.com) 0800301#### FB (Afriklass teshola boukwei) IG (afriklass1_official) Twitter (@afriklass)

4, Date of birth and marital statue?
     May 20 19$$ and single

5, What is your height and weight?
       6ft weight 70kg

6, What are your likes and dislikes?
     I likes honesty n simplicity, dislikes dishonesty n pride

 7, What are your hobbies and the most interesting thing about you?
   my hubbies are writing, singing, cooking, travelling. Fun to be with I tell the truth no matter how hard, I want everyone around me to be happy so I give out willingly n am happy about it I enjoy taking care of little children

 8, What is your future ambition and goal in life?
      my goal in life is to put smile on the faces of many I live to make others happy n my ambition is to be known and appreciated 

9, What do you do for a living?
       I'm an entertainer (music n movies) and a food vendor ( I have a restaurant somewhere in Benin city Edo state n in Lagos state too

 10, In one sentence if you where the president of your country what will you do?
       I'll do all within my power to eradicate poverty giving the children a perfect foundation to handle their future. ( because that's what leads to corruption)

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