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This Month Face Of Akuson Henry Blog - Ify Ubah.

1, What is your full name?
     Ify Ubah.

2, Where do you reside and what is your state and country of origin?
      Lagos, Nigerian - Anambra state.

3, What is your email, phone number, bbm pin, facebook id, Instagram or twitter handle.
     Email: whitneyuba@yahoo.com, Facebook: Ifyubah, Twitter: Ifynancyubah, Instagram: Ifynancyubah 

 4, Date of birth and marital statue?
     August 16, Private.

5, What is your height and weight?
      5ft 11inches.

6, What are your likes and dislikes?
    likes; honesty, dislike; lies.

7, What are your hobbies and the most interesting thing about you?
     Learning new things, reading, travelling, music! Interesting thing about me should be: I smile and laugh a lot .

 8, What is your future ambition and goal in life?
      Helping people all over the world, Being the best in what I do.

9, What do you do for a living?
     Film actor, model, event planner.

 10, In one sentence if you where the president of your country what will you do?
        Make the economy more friendly for business, empower women and children.