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What's a God Wink.

Godincidences and God winks are names that Christians attach to those times when something good happens and it seems improbable that it was merely random coincidence but is not a coincidence but a God wink. Below are other definitions....

The classic example is for a friend or relative to keep popping into your mind, so you give them a call and it turns out that they really needed to talk with you. Another example would be when money is needed to cover some expense, and money shows up unexpectedly for the exact amount required. Such Godincidences are miracles so small that it’s tempting to think that no miracle really happened at all.

When God Winks at You is a compilation of more real life stories about people and their "God winks." SQuire defines a "God wink" as a personal communication from God to an individual, which is usually a circumstance or event that seems like coincidence but is too personal to be so. They are messages of reassurance and encouragement from God throughout one's life to reassure an individual that he or she is on the right track. "God winks" are like sign posts -- sign posts usually don't direct you; they reassure you of where you are going. Sometimes we wonder if God really listens to us directly, and a "God wink" can be a direct response to that.

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God wink

See also: godwink and God-wink



God +‎ wink; coined by SQuire Rushnell, author of a series of books that include the phrase "When God winks" in the title.


God wink (plural God winks)
  1. An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer [quotations ▼]

Alternative forms[edit]

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An occurence so odd and out of the ordinary, it had to be put in place by God. A wink from God letting you know you're in the right direction.
I cannot believe that after moving cross-country, I ran into a man who used to live 5 blocks away, growing up. It's definitely a godwink that we met.
by Kimber E October 07, 2007