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Celebrating World Environment Day 2017

Photo: James WheelerMoraine Lake
June 5 is World Environment Day, the largest, most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action. Mark your calendar!
Curiously, this is a little known, big celebration, engaging people across the globe through events on the ground in 70+ countries. Every year, participants organize clean up campaigns, art exhibits, tree-planting drives, concerts, dance recitals, recycling drives, social media campaigns and different contests themed around caring for the planet.

Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2017, ‘Connecting People to Nature’, urges people to get outdoors and into nature.
Learn more about this year’s theme.
Every World Environment Day has a different global host country, where the official celebrations take place. This year it is Canada.
Its rich and spectacular natural heritage is a source of pride and identity for Canadians. Abundant natural resources also support the country’s economic prosperity – through tourism as well as sustainable use – and the health and well-being of its 36 million inhabitants.
World Environment Day is an important part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. As part of the festivities, Canada offers free passes for its national parks throughout 2017.
Read more about the host country.
This year’s theme: Connecting People to Nature
Please help us translate this motto in other languages. Bonus points for translations into Indigenous languages.
Afrikaans: Verbindende mense na die natuur
French: Relier les gens à la nature
Spanish: Conectando a la gente con la naturaleza
Swedish: Ansluta människor till naturen
Welsh: Cysylltu Pobl i Natur
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