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Happy Easter From BLW Nation, Christ Has Risen - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Bless The World With Your Greatness:
GOD said to Joshua, This very day I will begin to make you great in the eyes of all Israel… (Joshua 3:7 MSG).
There’re different kinds of greatness. And those whom the Scriptures describe as great are marked by certain traits and qualities, such as the demonstration of  supernatural power, signs, wonders and ability, supernatural wisdom, or enormous wealth.
Take Moses for example; his life was characterized by different signs and wonders. Deuteronomy 34:10-12 tells us, “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face, In all the signs and the wonders, which the LORD sent him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh, and to all his servants, and to all his land, And in all that mighty hand, and in all the great terror which Moses shewed in the sight of all Israel.” Isaac, the Bible shows us, was wealthy. In spite of the famine and drought in the land, the Word tells us: “…the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great: For  he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him” (Genesis 26:13-14). David was also great. By the anointing of God’s Spirit, he did marvellous things. As a stripling, he defeated Goliath of Gath and won many battles as king of Israel. How about
Daniel? The Bible shows us he was full of the wisdom of God; this was marked by the divine revelations of God that he had. He functioned with an excellent spirit (Daniel 6:3).
God has made you great, and your greatness is inborn, because you’re the seed of Abraham. God wants to use you to bless your world. He wants the world to benefit from your greatness. He wants you to do great things and impact the world with His seed of greatness in you. Therefore, pay attention to His guidance in your spirit, for ideas and innovations. Let your heart be open to Him to receive that inspiration,because it’s happening even now! Receive it by faith.
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