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#BBNaija – Day 4: Things get Emotional on Nomination Night + Uriel Makes a Difficult Decision

Here are the highlights and some update during the nomination night! Watch as Thin Tall Tony Go Nude.

Rise & Shine
The Housemates got up bright and early as usual then headed to the arena for their morning workout. They took turns leading the workout sessions and it was interesting to see the different approaches from each individual. Naturally Kemen had the most hectic routines and by the time he was done with his set EfeSoma and Uriel (who’s struggling with groin pain) looked like they were going to faint! The twitterverse thought he did the best job of everyone and that his body is banging!
Post workout things got a little heated between Kemen and Gifty. She was feeling his muscles, (something that he kept encouraging) and he had his arm round her lower back. Gifty stopped and started blushing but Kemen urged her on saying “But, I’ve given you permission to violate me!”
Time to Get Creative with the Task
For today’s task Big Brother said he wanted the Housemates to work in pairs once again and create a short poem that they feel embodies the idea of being Proudly Naija! For the first time Big Brother gave the Housemates a chance to swap teams with the ladies of the house getting to pick partners in alphabetical order! Big Brother warned the Housemates that they’d be expected to perform their poems so hard work and good time management were a must. He also informed them that they would only get a reminder to head to the arena just 30 minutes before their performance.
Let the Campaigning Begin
The Housemates where composing an epic song together when Big Brother called Uriel to the diary room, cutting all the rapping and beat boxing short. Upon returning from the Diary room, HoH Uriel briefed her fellow housemates on the Nomination process.
Biggie let them know that the Nomination show would be happening in a few hours. The housemates were going to be called into the diary room one by one to disclose the names of the two housemates they like the most! The two Housemates with the fewest likes would then go up for nomination. He then advised the housemates to spend the rest of the afternoon socializing and winning people over. Lastly, he warned not to malign the other housemates, connive and conspire or whisper and scheme off mic!
What the housemates still don’t realise is that the whole nomination is fake and instead of elimination, two more housemates will be joining us this Sunday! We can’t wait to see how they react to Biggie’s plot twist!
Things Get Emotional
Things took an unexpected turn this afternoon after Biggie asked the Housemates to campaign for likes. Efe started out the session and was the only one who gave a light-hearted speech that had everyone in stitches! “I get plenty debts. Money no dey, I trek from Obalende to Sandfill!” Efe joked as everyone laughed.
Next was Kemen who said he was doing this for all the people back in his home state and that if he left it wasn’t just his dreams that were coming to an end. Gifty was next and also the first to break down as she recounted how much her mother meant to her and how badly she wanted to win so she could reward her for everything she’s sacrificed.
Then came the shocker. ThinTallTony stood in front of all the Housemates taking off one item of clothing after another and talking about how BB Naija was his last hope. He pulled off all his clothes and stood naked in front of everyone saying “This is all I have left”.
Nomination Night
The nominations were quite intense as the housemates chose two people that they liked the most in the house and at the end of the day, TBossMiyonseBally, Kemen and CoCoIce were up for possible eviction. As HoH, Uriel had the task of saving one person and replacing with another.
Amidst screams and a bit of drama, she saved Miyonse and replaced him with Marvis.
Did you watch the nomination show? Who would you have saved and replaced?
Source: Bella Naija