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For more info Whatsapp or call Jane on: +2348024558745


COMPANY NAME : Swissgolden Corporation
Registration Number: 1717837
Registered in the British Virgin Islands

For more info Whatsapp or call Jane on: +2348024558745


This certifies that Swissgolden:

1. Is on the Register of companies;
2. Has paid all fees and penalties due under the Act;
3. Has not filed articles of merger or consolidation that have not become effective;
4. Has not filed articles of arrangement that have not yet become effective;
5. Is not a voluntary liquidation;
6. Is not in liquidation under the Insolvency Act, 2003;
7. Is not in receivership under the Unsolvency Act, 2003;
8. Is not in administrative receivership; and
9. Proceedings to strike the name of the company off the Register of Companies have not been instituted.

 For more info Whatsapp or call Jane on: +2348024558745


For more info Whatsapp or call Jane on: +2348024558745

For more info Whatsapp or call Jane on: +2348024558745

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