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The True Meaning Of Boxing Day - By Akunafia Henry

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 A friend of mine narrated a story that happened to him last year on this same date, he had an encounter with a bus conductor in Lagos at a bus-stop where other boys popularly called "Abgoro" were gathered. As he got down to go the conductor didn't allow him; saying to pay him the complete money...

 for my guy paid him N50 the normal charge but the transporter charged N100 b'cos of holidays. The next thing the conduct shouted " today nah BOXING DAY, i go box you die if you no pay me my complete money". Well my friend was being stubborn saying he was a Lagos boy, he ended up beaten and bruised by the conductor and the gang of abgoro boys.

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Most people get the wrong impression that BOXING DAY is a day to exchange and throw punch to each other to make you a boxer.  Maybe because people don't know or they don't care to know or they were not told in the first place. Well am here to tell you now the true meaning of boxing day, is simply a day to exchange Christmas- box of gifts and open them, a day where people show love by exchanging gifts in boxes, a day after Christmas to open all the boxes around the Christmas tree.

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After the festivities and celebration on Christmas day most on boxing day tend to practise an old human tradition to open the boxes of gifts around the Christmas tree and share love with joy in their hearts to one another. So the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to consciously express liquid love to one another and even to strangers and mostly to those in need. Open your heart to share real selfless love and project into the coming year for innovative ideas to impact the world.

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Merry Christmas and a greatly blessed New Year To You

Thank-you for reading.

Akunafia Henry Tochukwu