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How To Choose The Right Makeup -

Looking good is not always easy. You need to find the perfect balance between “not enough” and “too much”. Luckily, there are a lot of make up tips on Jiji Blog, which are going to assist you. Let’s start with the right perfect makeup.

Prepare your face. Clean it up, remove oils and moisturize the skin, if it is dry. Choose a moisturizer according to season, weather and the amount of time you are going to spend outside.

Foundation. It will help to make your skin tone even and ready for covering blemishes, redness and other imperfections. Draw lines down your cheekbones, sides of the nose and above brows, then blend. You may also need to cover zones on your chin and forehead.
Concealer. Whether you didn’t have much sleep last night or dark circles are always with you, apply some moisturizer and concealer upon it to hide undesirable “black eyes”. If there are some red spots or anche, take out a concealer stick and deal with them.
Powder. It will create more natural look, particularly by absorbing the remains of oils and making the skin tone perfectly even.
Eyebrows. People with dark or well-defined eyebrows can scroll down. If you are not one of them, use a pencil that matches your hair color, draw a line and blend it with a brush.
Blush. Cream or powder, you should choose a shade close to natural. It will provide some freshness to your look. Use long smooth motions towards temples.
Eyes. If you like eyeshadows, apply them first. Then take an eyeliner and some mascara.
Lips. And the final touch is a lipstick or a lip gloss - choose what you like more. The primer one provides heavy bold lip coverage and looks better when you contour it with a pencil. The latter one will create light and shiny color.

While everything is clear with the order, you should take some time to figure out the right colors. Choosing too bright foundation, lipstick - anything - doesn’t mean that you are going to look brighter. It will be just wrong. Visit Jiji Blog to find out how to do it right.