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Buhari’s Christmas message to Nigeria

Buhari’s Christmas message to Nigeria

It has truly been a year of change and reorientation for the country, Nigeria. Easing into the spirit of the season affords us the chance to reflect and set goals. Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president in a Christmas eve letter to the country touched on the pertinent matters of the nation and extended compliments of the of the season.

“As we celebrate this year’s Christmas, I believe that it is very appropriate for us to reflect on the love of God aptly espoused in the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.”

In the letter he singled out the new economic realities, calling on Nigerians to “pray for divine guidance to get over our current challenges”.

Insurgency in the North East was also addressed, as he commended the bravery of the soldiers on the frontline combating insurgency in the North East and other flashpoints of the country.

“Let us also remember in our prayers the security forces in the frontline in the continuing battle to rid our nation of terrorism and violence.”

Victims of the conflict, particularly the IDPs, who have suffered untold hardship were equally recognised, as he placed poverty alleviation and economic stimulation on high priority.

“Our immediate priority is to alleviate the poverty of Nigerians by quickly stimulating the economy. I assure Nigerians that our government is doing its best to make life easier for all.”

Finally, Buhari didn’t leave out the travellers in his Christmas letter.

“I wish all travellers safe movements and a memorable holiday as we celebrate with our family and friends.”

Source: Business Day