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'Exceptional' according to the Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary means 'unusually good, Outstanding, very unusual'

The Female gender with all unfathomable, distinguished and distinctive qualities is EXCEPTIONAL.

The Exceptional Female Conference 2016 which was in celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child 2016 is an annual event aimed at inculcating a positive value in the Female youths with the theme: RAISING THE DIKE - BECOMING AN EXCEPTIONAL FEMALE.

The Conference which took place at the Unical Conference Center, University Of Calabar on the 14th October, 2016 was the very first of its kind geared towards the continuous sustainability and development of the Girl Child.


The world in its context and nature thinks the female gender is and was birthed to be a fragile and delicate creature who gets vulnerable to every and anything, but I, Miss. Thelma Philip believes that the Female gender is a special and unique breed, with more than enough impregnated qualities bestowed on her to be an answer to a dying world. Amongst, the pressures and pleasures the world brings, she remains strong and ever ready for all oppositions.

A quite number of young ladies will be wondering where a young person like myself found the courage to summon all these. I will tell you about it in just a bit. Being a female to me is beyond a sexual nomenclature. It means being born with explicit possibilities. We are born as daughters(where we have to assist mummy in the kitchen) and then we grow to become sisters (custodians of everyone and everything in our sight) and then we become mothers (that's the tricky one) because for a huge chunk of time that follows, we seize to live for ourselves. Don't get me wrong,being a female has its privileges.

The Panellist 

The life of a female is an institution that comes with series of dynamics,personally and socially. We have to learn to wear bras solo, cook without having to taste it, gossip and how to stop gossiping, making that cracking sound with our chewing gum and so on.

The greatest challenge in being a female is social interaction. Everyone wants to have an opinion in our lives, 90% of the time, they don't even care for our input. We have to decide who we will listen to, bearing in mind that this choice will shape our future, that of the man we marry and the children we will raise, but most importantly, the paradigm of our investment of time and resources.

There is an understanding that the 21st century female must have, and that's whether independent of cause or responsibility, whether statuary or respondent, she, at all times is the answer. An answer to what you'll wonder.

Godwill Edward and Thelma Philips

Nature as a phenomenon and civil society in all strata have always sought out the potentials of extremity in man's existence. How strong can we be? How resilient can we be? How industrious can we be? How capable can we be? How far are we willing to go? There's quite the bunch of them. Your next question might be, Why do I say a woman is the answer to these inquiry of extremities? Well, it's because every time a woman endures the pains of child birth, a pain that should kill a regular human, she pushes the bench mark.
Again, it's because there's a woman right now somewhere in the world raising a child with an income that's equal to a tenth or probably less of the required expense. She even probably has more than a thousand women like her that will push on and create some sort of providence even at these odds: that's breaking the limits don't you think?

Most of society and it's literature refers to us as a support, let me tell you a little about what supports do. In a building, the structural framework i. e the beams and columns or pillars as there are commonly known, carries the load of every other member of the building. But here's the thing; the support system can stand without the rest of the building but the rest of the building cannot stand without it. Even the serpent in the garden understood the order of things that's why he went to the woman first. It wasn't just because she is a weaker vessel as they may have led you to believe. No, he went to her because he believed in her and in her ability to effect change in Adam's decision making. Adam may not have been able to do same who knows.

Society, our families and our circles of interaction may not want to listen to us, they will most definitely not appreciate us enough. That's why we have to come together and tell ourselves that we are awesome, we are unique and we are beautiful. And when we are done with this, we have to remind ourselves that the 21st century requires of us way more than cooking and cleaning up skills. We have to own those big business corporations, we have to run those big establishments and we have to do it so well that the rest of the world create a hall of fame even where there wasn't, to engrave and celebrate our achievements. Let's do it because we are exceptional.

Thelma Philips and the Participates from various secondary schools in Calabar, CRS

The Exceptional Female Conference like no other created an overwhelming atmosphere in the hearts and minds of everyone present with the drive to unleash endless ideas and solutions in making their world a better place.

Motivational panellists jointly taught on certain inspirational workshop topics such as; Addressing Low self Esteem, Effective use of Social Media, 'No' to sexual abuse & teenage pregnancies, Academic Excellence, Values, ethics, etiquettes, etc.

Keynote Speaker, Mrs. Christine Edet who spoke on Personal Development as well as Dr. Edidiong Akan who spoke on the Girl Child and her body emphasized on the Female Genital Mutilation.

Special Guest speakers such as:
☆Special Adviser to the Governor in Youth Affairs,Cross River State, Prince Godswill Edwards
☆The Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Barrister Mba Ekweni
☆The Chief Registrar of the Cross River State Judiciary, Mrs. Imelda Etape
☆Chief Magistrate Euphemia Effiong were all in attendance.

Without a sense of doubt, the Exceptional Female Conference 2016 remains an unforgettable experience, with a deep and long lasting impact in the hearts and minds of all attendees.

We look forward to the EXCEPTIONAL FEMALE CONFERENCE 2017 as we make it bigger and more organised.


Thelma Philips
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