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Pastor Benny Hinn Blesses the Nation of Nigeria with Prophetic Utterances at the #MHIS Lagos.

Pastor Benny Hinn

"Nigeria shall be God’s channel to Africa and the world," Pastor Benny prophesies!

At a moment of supernatural ecstasy during the Miracle Healing and Impartation Services at the Loveworld Convocation areana in Lagos, the healing minister and evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, began to pour out blessings upon Nigeria.

"I prophesy that Nigeria shall be God’s channel to Africa and the world. I prophesy and declare that this nation shall belong to Jesus Christ," he boldly declared as inspired by the Holy Ghost. The guest minister also declared under prophetic unction, "I seal this nation…until every man, every woman, every boy and girl shall hear ‘Jesus is Lord’!"

Thousands more arrived at the venue to partake of all that the Spirit of God has prepared through guest minister, Pastor Benny Hinn. The LoveWorld Convocation Arena and other overflow venues, including the LoveWorld Conference Center, are packed out with hungry hearts. 

Music minister, Sinach, leads the congregation in worship.

Worship poured out freely, ascending as sweet-smelling fragrance, from the lips of everyone in attendance. Worship ministers, Sinach, Eben, Deacon Ralph, Ada, Jahdiel, Pastor Israel, the Apostle and several others have helped the people lift themselves to see only God.

Heartfelt worship to the Lord throughout the auditorium.

As the people lifted their hands high, praising the name of Jesus, Pastor Benny Hinn made a profound declaration of the immeasurable outpouring of God’s Spirit on them. He said, "God will give you the anointing without measure!" The atmosphere became thick with the manifest presence of God, as LMAM artiste, Sinach, ministered in song.