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Here’s Why Vladimir Putin Wants Donald Trump To Win US Elections 2016

Vladimir Putin wants Donald Trump to win the US elections. (Photo credit; under Creative Commons)

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are reportedly best buddies when it comes to politics. Despite their adoration for each other, Putin and Trump have a different outlook on Hillary Clinton’s presidency. The Republican nominee sees Clinton as a weak leader while the Russian president sees Clinton as a strong leader.

Recently, reports surfaced which state that Russian hackers were able to amass some of the confidential emails of the former US State Secretary. The information that the Russian hackers have taken are believed to endanger United States’ national security.

Sources claim that the Russian government could possibly release the information from Clinton’s hacked email. Although the reports have not been confirmed, US intelligence officers are taking the reports seriously. Experts are wondering if Russia will use the alleged hacked information as Clinton’s collateral if ever she nabs the presidency.

Recent reports state that Russia is working on compromising the former first lady’srace to the White House. Clinton’s hackers released the confidential emails before the Democratic National Convention, which led to the belief that Russia could be behind the attacks on the Democrat nominee. Security specialists looked into the trails of the hackers and stated that the leaked information is the handy work of some Russian agencies.

Why does Putin hate Clinton?

Putin’s hate on Clinton stems from a personal and political standpoint. In 2008, Putin became the Russian prime minister with his ally, Dmitry Medvedev serving as the president. In 2011, Putin exhausted two terms as the country’s leader, which is the maximum number of terms allowed. Before his second term ended, he announced that he will seek for a third term, much to the chagrin of his people.

The opposition was furious after Putin won during the legislative elections, prompting angry protesters across the streets of Russia. Russian protesters claimed that the president is a thief, believing that Putin’s desire to stay in power is a threat to the country. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a statement that sided with the opposition, saying that Russians, like people in all nations, deserve a free, fair and transparent elections. Putin was enraged and stated that Clinton initiated the protests.

Putin and Clinton’s conflict goes beyond personal antagonism. The former Secretary of State openly defies Putin’s display of power to challenge the US, NATO, the European Union and even the UK.
Why does Putin want Trump to win the US Elections?

An online user created an image of Vladimir Putin carrying Donald Trump. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Vladimir Putin reportedly sees Donald Trump’s presidency as a complement to his strategies and objectives. With Trump in tow, the Russian president can strengthen his grip on the international arena with one less threat from the US. Experts believe that Putin wants Trump to win because the Republican will serve as a supporting character in his agenda while Clinton will be an antagonist on his policies.