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10 Reasons To Attend The Calabar Miracle Crusade 2016 Live With Pastor Dee Isesele.

This epoch making event is about to turn around for good the city of Calabar and the state of Cross River, Nigeria and bring healing to the land for industrialization.

The Calabar Miracle Crusade 2016 is a night of miracles signs and wonders, all your questions will be answered and every form of unbelief will be removed. Souls will be saved into the kingdom of God and not only will the people receive healing in their life, the land will also be healed. Hallelujah!

Here are 10 reasons why you should attend the Calabar Miracle Crusade 2016.

1, God has a special package prepared just for you at the program
2, The Spirit of God will visit you specially.
3, You will receive a touch from God that will change your life forever.
4, All your hearts desires will be met by the Holy Spirit.
5, The presence of God will overshadow you.
6, Its's God set time to bless and favor you.
7, The Spirit of God will touch every area of your life.
8, You won't leave the same way you came.
9, God's glory will be released into your life
10, You will come back with a testimony.

Calabar Miracle Crusade has started! Join the bandwagon now.
God Bless you.

Pastor Dee Isesele
Pastor, Christ Embassy Calabar.

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