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Election hit-list? Politicians' unsolved killings mar South African campaign

The killing happened in broad daylight. It was Mandela Day, a day many South Africans dedicate to helping others.
Khanyisile Ngobesi-Sibisi's car was full of blankets to donate to charity, but as she drove around a bend near the edge of the small town, a white car pulled up alongside her convoy.
    "She was following me from behind. I heard the first gunshot; not knowing my mother had been shot. Then I heard the second gunshot," says Zhamokhule, her 18-year-old son.

    Two gunmen shot Khanyisile eight times through the driver's side door and window, according to witnesses.
    "I can't explain the feeling I was having," Zhamokhule says. "I was shocked by disbelief that my mother had been shot."
    Zhamokhule applied pressure to his mother's multiple wounds, but to no avail; she died at the scene.
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