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Heartbreaking Pictures that Touched People around the World

Most of us has seen the 30 most powerful photos ever taken, well there are also alot of powerful pictures on the net, that just couldn't be ignored.

[1] A monk prays for an elderly man who had died suddenly while waiting for a train in Shanxi Taiyuan, China

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[2] John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes his father's coffin along with the honor guard.

[3] from the Window, 1975; Trying to escape the fire, the child and mother fell off when the ladder collapsed. The child, however, survived as he fell on his mother’s dead body.

[4] A mother comforts her son in Concord, Alabama, near his house which was completely destroyed by a tornado in April of 2011.

[5] A Sudan People's Liberation Army soldier stands at attention on the eve of South Sudan's independence from Sudan.

[6] Harold Whittles hears for the first time ever after a doctor places an earpiece in his left ear.

[7] The iconic photo of Tank Man, the unknown rebel who stood in front of a column of Chinese tanks in an act of defiance following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

Another, recently unearthed photo of the Tank Man incident, which shows a new angle of his act of protest, now at a distance. Tank Man can be seen through the trees on the left, and the tanks can be seen on the far right.

[8] Earthquake in Turkey, 1983' Mother cries in front of her 5 children – all dead.

[9] Sisters pose for the same photo three separate times, years apart.

[10] Pele and British captain Bobby Moore trade jerseys in 1970 as a sign of mutual respect during a World Cup that had been marred by racism.

[11] This appalling picture taken by Malcome Browne shows the Vietnamese monk, Thich Duc, allegedly burning his own body in protest because of the increasing rivalry between Buddhists and Catholics in the country. The monk stayed absolutely still while burning.

[12] Lunch atop a Skyscraper. 69 floors above Manhattan, this dizzying image shows workers taking a lunch break on the Rockafella Center. Some claim the picture was a publicity stunt to promote the opening of the skyscraper, but either way it’s terrifying!

[13] The battle of Shanghai. This terrified baby was almost the only human being left alive in Shanghai's South Station after brutal Japanese bombing. China, August 28, 1937.

[14] War Prisoner, 2003; While this Iraqi prisoner was trying to comfort his 4-year-old son, the little boy was afraid to see his father hooded and handcuffed. The army considered his request to free his hands so he could make his boy feel comfortable.

[15] Australian Scott Jones kisses his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas after she was knocked to the ground by a police officer's riot shield in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canadians rioted after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

[16] French civilian cries in despair as Nazis occupy Paris during World War II.

[17] Omarya Sanchez, 1985; Trapped under muddy water by the walls of her own home, the 13-year-old Omarya Sanchez was put to sleep due to havoc caused by Nevado Ruiz Volcano in 1984.

[18] Inter Milan’s Marco Materazzi (L) and AC Milan’s Manuel Rui Costa waits on the pitch as supporters throw flares onto the pitch during their Champions League quarter-final second leg soccer match at the San Siro Stadium in Milan April 12, 2005.

[19] Disaster, 1984; One of the most horrific accidents – The Bhopal Gas Disaster – happened in India in 1984, leaving thousands dead. The photograph is of a baby being buried by his father.

[20] Don McCullin took this photograph in Biafra, that captured the suffering of the Nigerian Civil War. Over a million lives were ruined due to the same. This photograph shows children suffering from severe hunger and malnutrition in the war camp.

[21] Earth-rise: A photo taken by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

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