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Are Weird Human-Dog Hybrid Creatures Being Sold to the Super-Rich as Pets?

According to a report currently circulating via social media, weird human-dog hybrid creatures are being sold to the super-rich as pets.

The creatures depicted in the images featured in the report have rather grumpy looking human faces attached to dog-like bodies. Supposedly, the creatures are highly intelligent and can even answer your phone and read you stories. And, claims the report, buying one will set you back around 50 million dollars.

It hardly seems necessary to point out that, of course, the depicted creatures are not actually real living animals. As tall tales go, this one is tall indeed. Nevertheless, questions from readers indicate that some people are at least willing to entertain the idea that the animals are real.

Other readers already know that the claims in the report are nonsense but are nevertheless interested in what the images really depict and where they came from.

In fact, the images show hyperrealist sculptures by talented Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Piccinini has produced a whole menagerie of strange creatures, some of which have featured in other circulating hoax messages.

So, alas, even if you do have fifty million to spare, you won't be able to go and buy an iPhone answering, story telling, dog-human hybrid any time soon.


Human Hybrids Are Real. These Pets are actually being sold now to the super-rich.

Scientists have found a way to cross humans with dogs, to cater for a market of very rich people who like collecting unique pets.

Patricia Piccinini Sculpture

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