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Video On Why I Hate School And Love Education. Article By Akuson Henry.

Is education really justified in school or is education justified on the streets? How can every individual with different set of talents and skills be subjected to the same form of system and tested for the same means?.

So is it likely to say that Thomas Edison a totally reject person in school, who's teachers said he has a very dull brain and can't adsorb knowledge finally came out to become the man who inverted electricity with his relentless effort of more than 10,000 test/experiment until he got the success.

Follow your dreams, don't give up or non give-in and is best to connect to a direct source for strength, power and grace and that wi-fii connection is Christ. He will teach you to become who you really are in this life and you'll discover your destiny. 

See why i now hate school and love education.

Article by Akuson, Henry Tochukwu.