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This Month Face Of Akuson Henry Blog, "Harrys Cynthia Wemimo". Happy New Year, 2015


 1, What is your full name?
     Harrys Cynthia Wemimo

2, Where do you reside and what is your state and country of origin?
    Lagos State

3, What is your email, phone number, bbm pin, date of birth and marital statue?

4, what is your height and weight?
    5.7ft tall & 45 kg

5, what are your likes and dislikes?
   Like honest and realistic people.
dishonesty, lies, fake people

6, what are your hobbies?
Model runway, photography, reading    

7, what is your future ambition and goal in life?
   Is to be the greats model figure in Nigeria and be a role model to upcoming acts.

8, what do you do for a living?
    Undergraduate and Top Model.

9, In one sentence if you where the president of your country what will you do?
    If I were 2 be d president of my country,I'll like 2 restore political stability and make everyone equal no matter ur status or ur worth in life, Bring d people closer 2 d government

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