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Photos Of Whale Found Offshore in a Lagos Beach.

fish pics3

Wonders shall never end oo. One of my friends in Lagos just recently called in to tell me that a big giant fish was found offshore in Lekki following a strong turbulent wind that blew overnight. 
Whatever the case is, I just want you guys out there to know that this really happened today 23rd of Dec 2014, just very close to Christmas when everybody is buying Christmas rice , chicken and clothes, shoes, bags and writswaches on Jumia and Konga.
You can trust Nigerians now. We don’t like to waste time. Immediately the fish was found, a lot of boys rushed it and started cutting several parts for better soup. My friend even told me that the bones are strong and very thick it can be used to cure someone that cant walk.
Nigerians love free things. As I speak different guys are tearing the fish apart to get there own share!!
Wonders shall never end!

fish pics

fish pics1