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Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

Photo Of The Day: Happy New Year of 2015.

In this 2015 the Lord has sent angels ahead of us to make every crooked part straight, to level every high mountain, broken down the gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. He has given us the treasures of darkness and the riches stored in secret places. The cloud of productiveness(fruitfulness) is full in our life's now and has empted itself on us all for the Lord has endowed us with splendour. Any business or endeavour we get involved with always produce good fruit(results) and our fruits lasts for our gates are opened continually; day nor night so that men will bring the wealth of their nations to us and their kings come to us rejoicing and to favour us.
Thank you our heavenly father for you've metamorphosed us from the level of lack, barrenness and rejection to a new level of surplus, fruitfulness and acceptable celebration. Our profiting
is evident for all to see in 2015 hence;for we're financially, mentally and spiritually capable. Hallelujah!

NOTE: Take a few minutes to reflect on your thoughts, words and actions in this outgoing year, and repent of any sin, falsehood, arrogance or waywardness. Pray about your goals and plans for the coming year, that the Lord will guide you to make decisions that are in His perfect will and timing for your life. Also pray for your country; pray for the leaders and those in authority, that they'll be instruments of righteousness to bring about the Lord's will and purpose for their nation.