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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.

The Christmas celebration is here again where we reminisce, play and make merry with our family and love once. Most see this day as a time to be grateful for the out going year and relish the celebration of Christ Jesus, while some see it as a time to take stocks and review of their achievement and goals of the out going year and make plans for the incoming year. Some others see it as a day just to celebrate and thank God for life. But in all this thing we are more than grateful & thankful to God.

Now my question is has the true essence of Christmas been lost or are we celebrating amiss? Is Christmas just to celebrate life and catch up with love once?, is Christmas just for one the people in your spare of contact?

Christmas to actually for you to give all in love and expect nothing in return, Christmas is going out of your comfort-zone and express love freely, Christmas is simply showing the same love of Christ Jesus to the world even when they despised him.

Go out of your way today and show love to a total stranger, be the good Samaritan. visit the orphanage elderly home, persons, etc and share Christmas gifts today and don't forget to sow your thanksgiving seed in church. If you say you love then you should give even God so loved the world that he gave is only son.
Oh also send me a Christmas gift cos am expectant, lol.

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Thank-you for your attention, and Merry Christmas.
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