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Luis Enrique confirms Luis Suarez will play tomorrow's Clasico.

Luis Suarez will play tomorrow vs Real Madrid

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Original Post By Oscar Rojas
The Spanish coach is not concerned about his opponent's formation, since his team will play the same way no matter Real Madrid's lineup
Barcelona's coach Luis Enrique confirmed during his pre-game press conference, that Luis Suarez will play tomorrow's Clasico against Real Madrid, although he did not confirm if the Uruguayan will start the game or not.
"I'm not going to play that game today, but he will surely have minutes. I can't say for how long. That's the million-dollar question. Besides, it's an important day for him," Luis Enrique told the press.
Regarding Cristiano Ronaldo's words about El Clasico's programming, the former Celta Vigo coach agreed with the Portuguese striker, stating this kind of matches should be played when both teams can give their best for the fans.
"They're right, it would be good to unify the schedules so that nobody loses out. I'd like to play later too but we are guided by TV interests," he said.
Finally, the Asturian coach stated he is not worried about their current leading position, since it forces Real Madrid to attack them if they want to cut their point difference to just one.
"I don't see an early lead as a problem, only advantageous, although probably if we look at it more deeply, there can be other interpretations. Anyway, what it means is that we have been solid," he added.