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Apple May Launch Another Smartphone This Year - Report

The latest rumours surrounding the release date of iPhone 7 claim that Apple may launch the device this year.

According to rumours, Apple may launch the iPhone 7 this year.
According to rumours, Apple's iPhone 7 may hit the market this year after the company rolled out new gadgets recently.
This assumption was made after Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty implied that Apple has now devised a way for launching multiple products in one year.
Her timely statement was released after a meeting with Apple CEO, Time Cook and CFO, Peter Oppenheimer.
Hunerty's statement along with the fact that Apple released two iPhones in 2013 - iPhone 5s and 5c - made the rumour even more convincing. According to her, this development which can be likened to the quick release of the iPad 3 and 4, might also up the ante in iPhone updates and releases.
Despite the promising statement, Huberty did not confirm any specific plan for the iPhone line, including the highly-anticipated iPhone 7 release date. Also, considering that Apple did release two iPhones this year - the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - the possibility of releasing the iPhone 7 this year seems very unlikely.
However, despite the unofficial iPhone 7 specs and release date rumours, Apple smartphone fanatics are still looking forward to the ne iPhone 7 which boasts of better battery life and possibly even a built-in projector.
According to the blog, the new iPhone 7 battery will be using organic materials to replace traditional Li-On batteries. This new battery technology promises to give extended hours of battery life. The blog also claims that Apple has been working on built-in projector technology for future iPhones and iPads. 
The projector will enable users to automatically project presentations or movies without having to connect their phones to a separate equipment. If this would prove to be successful, the iPhone 7 might be the first Apple product to debut the technology.

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