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9 Types Of People You May Meet In Church Today.

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1. The Hyper-Spiritual: These are the ride on pastor! Preach on pastor people. We are not sure if they feel the pastor needs their cheer to minister, but what can we say, that’s their little contribution to the ministry.
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2. The Ghost-Mode Attendees: This group of people are barely visible in church. They are more like church statues. They don’t partake in praise and worship nor prayers. Even when pastor goes turn to your neighbour and say hun hun hun hun, they never respond.
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3.The Gadget Buddies: These ones keep fidgeting with their phones or Ipad like they didn’t leave home with it. Opening apps and closing like confused fellows.
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4. Sorry, Please, Excuse Me: As holy as you want to be in church, this people have a way of testing your righteousness. They excuse themselves every minute either going to the bathroom or picking a call or going to get something. Worse off if they are seated in the middle row.
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5.The Over-Dressed: The moment to walk into the auditorium, you wonder if you missed the pageant or party memo. Wear your best outfit to church but not wear something you can’t even praise God in. Raising hands to wave halleluyah can’t even happen in that dress talk less of dance to shame the devil.
6. Group of Gossips: these are usually clique of friends seated together. Between gisting about their weekend escapades, and the hot
minister on the altar, the gist never ends. Maybe they are ignorant of the fact that we can hear them, they just chatter on.
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7.The Jonahs: Oh my! They come in all dressed and hyper during praise and worship, but the moment we all get seated for sermon, they can’t help but sleep it off, you begin to wonder where the energy zapped off to. Funny how the sleep wipes immediately its time to share the Grace.
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8.The Scanners: These ones are like people on a mission. They keep turning head 360 degrees till you start to fear. Not in these Boko days. Bros, what exactly are you looking for turning your head up and down scanning the church?
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9. The borrowers: Sometimes I think these people got kinda lost and just wandered in the church, “pls can I borrow your biro? Can I quickly use your Bible?Some even go as far as begging you to tear out of your treasured notepad for them to jot. Babe! Where did you think you were going to before leaving your house?
Trust me, once you get to church tomorrow, you’ll definately find these set of people and even more. But be careful sha o, so you don’t end up guilty of number 8.