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13 Reasons Why Lilian Was Evicted From The BIG BROTHER House So Early.

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Source: Evatese
2.       She always felt too good about herself.
Source: Pulse Ng
3.       She was more of an impresser than an entertainer.
Source: Big Brother Africa Facebook
4.       She never really liked to do chores around the house.
5.       She stepped on many toes last week including her hommie’s Tayo.
Source: Google Search
6.       Maybe if she was serious with Macky2, she would have escaped eviction.
Source: Google Search
7.       She was a bad rapper with cool lines.
8.       She didn’t really possess all the Nigerian qualities.
9.       Nigerians obviously prefer Tayo to her. Who by the way is a new father.
Source: That 1960 Chick
10.   She was really annoying sha and thought Nigerians would have her back no matter what…ooops sorry Lilian.
11.   She fuelled Tayo’s fight last week, which she wasn’t supposed to do. This one act made her look less.
Source: Dned magazine
12.   Although only 2 people nominated her in the house, Nigerians and other Africans didn’t actually like her.
Source: Google Search
13.   Beyond all these it’s quite obvious the BBA odds didn’t work in her favour.
Source: Gistville