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Record 3 million Syrian refugees in 'biggest-ever crisis'.

No. of Syrian : Total: 3mil+ : 1.1mil : 800K : 600K : 200K

The total number of refugees created by ongoing fighting in Syria has reached a record three million, United Nations' refugee body says.
Almost half of all Syrians have now been displaced from their homes due to the crisis, with one in every eight fleeing across the border.
More than half of all displaced Syrians are children.
More than half of all displaced Syrians are children. Credit: Reuters
Over half of those uprooted are children, the UNHCR says, adding that most families have been on the run for a year or more.
The vast majority of those that have left Syria are registered refugees in Lebanon (1.14 million), Jordan (608,000) and Turkey (815,000), the agency says.

The organisation adds that its Syria operation has become the largest in its 64-year history.