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Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

False Reporting by Linda Ikeji and Co. About Pastor Chris & Anita Oyakhilome.

Written by Akuson Henry

This is an open letter to linda ikeji and every other reporter who has released false information about Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita Oyahkilome in the issue of them seeking a divorce. Well i just love to bust your bubbles now, b'cos there are not into any case or form of divorce. This information was confirmed and addressed by Pastor Chris himself in the global communion service of Christ embassy church(It hold every 1st Sunday of the month) on 07/09/2014. 
See the Live video here : www.christembassy.org , www.pastorchrislive.org

I must say am quite disappointed with linda ikeji, bella naija, sahara reporters, punch and every reporter/media organization who mentioned Pastor Chris case wrongly, this practically shows that almost all of the so called reporting are not properly investigated and confirm true before it is even published. What’s a Shame! Why do we love to propagate bad/evil news when there are good and productive things happening all over the world and mostly in Nigeria. 

Well, may the Good God forgive your ignorance, b'cos Pastor Chris has already forgiven you all. But let me tell you a secret you might not know about castigating and persecuting a man of God. The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, If you fall on this stone you'll be broken but if this stone falls on you; you'll be crushed to powered says the Lord of Host. So i urge you to think before you speak than rather speaking before you think. Hosea 4:6 also says My(God's) people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

I wrote this article to clear the air about these rampart rumors of a divorce with Pst Chris and Anita. God is using Pst Chris and Anita for great works of goodness, touching and influencing the life’s of millions globally for Christ. Am a living testimony of Pst Chris teachings and anointing, it worked and still working for me; 

Now i know who i'm in Christ. Remember, once the gospel came to us in Africa via white men as missionaries but now salvation is now taken from this black nation to the whole nations of the world, and Pastor Chris is a major driving tool in which God is using to make this happen with many more men God is using mightily.