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#BringBackOurGirls: 150 days and still counting.


We must take on board the contemporary lessons we have learnt from arming militia to fight a cause in Libya and Syria. Yes they can start the fight and even achieve early successes but they will not stop the fight and allow the state to operate subsequently thus creating anarchy in the land.
The group stated that the best solution was for the FG to be held accountable according to the Constitution, which states that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.
If government has not been carrying out its primary purpose, we should come together to create conditions under which we can solve our problems. Serious allegations made against people in high places who have been helping the enemy must be investigated sincerely and the guilty punished. We cannot allow corruption and treason in high places sap our capacity to defend our sovereignty.
The statement said that it was not only the responsibility of the government to recover the abducted girls, every citizen also has a role to play.
We as citizens need to play our role in creating the conditions for recovery. In the past, our armed forces have proven their mettle even in global warfare where they were in foreign terrains from the Second World War through the Congo to more recent successes in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Our armed forces have also, during the Civil War, successfully saved our country from dismemberment. We must rebuild those armed forces of our past to ensure that we have a future.
It alsoquestioned the insurgency fight on the borders of Cameroon an Chad.
Finally, the very important sub-regional dimension of our insurgency crisis has thrown up some curious developments for us as citizens. What exactly are the Governments of Chad and Cameroon doing right, that produce their widely reported successful strikes against the terrorists that we read ever so often? This surely calls for deep reflection.