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14 Things About Marriages That Married People Won’t Tell You.


Marriage comes with its own bliss and ills. Only selfless people who are willing to go through these hurdles last till the very end. Consider yourself lucky if you fall within the later category of married people. Below are 14 things about marriages that married people won’t tell you on a normal day.
1. Marriage is the ultimate gamble. While some have their happily ever after, others have their happily never after. It all depends on how well you play your part.
2. Marriage is team work. If you know you always want to function alone, please stay single, because married is also dependency.
3. Marriage requires a lot of sacrifices.


4. Getting married doesn’t really change anything, having kids does. It’s now time to evenly distribute your love.
5. My partner is not my best friend.
6. My husband’s friends are keeping secrets for him.
7. Hanging out with your family would always seem more fun, than hanging out with your partner’s.
8. Couple’s retreat is not for only troubled couples about to hit the rock.
9. You’ll still need some alone time. No moment beats that selfie time.
10. Playful couples enjoy romantic times together than serious couples


11. There are guaranteed to be fights, don’t fool yourself that it will be heaven on earth every single day.


12. Sometimes the proposals go wrong, it’s not always perfect and most women exaggerate theirs when telling their friends


13. Your partner will show their possessive side after the romance from the wedding is off, be prepared for this.


14. And finally, the older a couple stays in marriage, the more they look alike – marry someone you want to look like when you are old

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