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11 Common Excuses Used By Lagosians Who Run Late For An Appointment.

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Contributor: Uzochikwa Akumah
Although I don’t believe in excuses because they can be avoided if proper planning is done, a typical lagosian would always have a reason for coming late to an appointment. If not a personal reason then it would be a state reason. Here are a few of them:
1. Sorry sir, I missed the way. I didn’t know LASTMA turned that road to one-way
oga no deflate my tire

2. The traffic light is bad and I didn’t know it. I was there waiting ooooh until…

3. I didn’t get your mail about the time for the meeting, it must be in my junk box…

4. I’m at the airport and my flight is being delay… it’s been cancelled. I don’t think I can be in Lagos in time… the plane flew pass the airport.

5. You don’t have parking space… I got here early but was looking for where to park for 30 minutes…

6. Oga is the meeting today? I thought we agreed for tomorrow now?

7. I’m running late sir… my car is jerking…
8. I didn’t expect you to turn up early, you have used African Time before na

9. Terrible accident on the road, one guy hit another and another jumped into bar beach and another…

10. FOR THE BOSSES: Don’t you know I am a very busy man, why didn’t you set a calendar reminder?

11. THE MOST USED EXCUSE – Oga na traffic, it started from 3rd mainland bridge and ended at Ikorodu bus-stop
3rd mainland