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Muslim clergymen begin miracle healing crusades like their Christian colleagues.

AFRICAN Muslim clergymen have begun performing miracle healing crusades like their Christian counterparts in an new development that recently saw Sheikh Salawatiya Rashid Imam hold an open air session near Accra.

Taking a leaf from his Christian brethren, Sheikh Imam held a healing crusade at the Kawokudi Park at Mamobi, just outside Accra. During the event, thousands of sick, infirm and needy people gathered to be prayed for and blessed by him in the hope that they would be healed.

Among those who turned up were the blind and cripple, who queued desperately to be blessed with holy water and be touched by the sheikh. To ensure there was enough water for them, Sheikh Imam hired a water tanker and its contents were used to wash the faces of the crowd as well as given to them to drink.

Sheikh Imam said: "Prophet Mohammed said this is the best way to go. If you eat of this and get money from this it is one of the best types of money.
"Our Prophet Mohammed used to use water from absolutions and give it to sick people to drink. He also used to recite verses from the Koran and give it to sick people and they became healed."

Ghana and Nigeria are the two countries with the fastest growing evangelical movements in the world as thousands of pentecostal churches have sprung up in both nations recently. It is mainly Nigerian pastors who have exported their trade to Ghana where they have found a lucrative market as the needy throng to such churches in search of help.

Given the cultural and linguistical similarity between both countries, it is easy to adopt whatever work in one nation to the other. With Islamic miracle healing crusades haven taken off in Ghana, it is now only a matter of time before the practise gets exported to Nigeria.

Watch Sheikh Imam in action here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4375537202856&;set=vb.1720880819&type=2&theater
- See more at: http://www.nigerianwatch.com/news/5145-muslim-clergymen-begin-miracle-healing-crusades-like-their-christian-colleagues#sthash.LwgUQGsS.wug9KZwD.dpuf