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Ebola Male Survivors Should avoid sex for 7 weeks - FG advised.

Original Post By :Madubuko Jaybee 

Federal government, through Dr. Bridget advised Men who were treated and discharged of Ebola Virus not to have sex for atleast 7 weeks.

Dr Bridget Okoeguale, Director, Department of Public Health, gave the advice during an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).She said..
"There are many literatures that say that after men are infected, when the virus is not found in the blood, it tends to stay in the semen for about seven weeks to three months. 

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"What we did according to the WHO protocol is that we made sure that when the men are discharged they are given enough condoms, if they cannot abstain for that period. 
"We advise them to abstain from sex but where they cannot abstain, they are provided condoms and after the (abstinence) period, we double test to make sure they are free'', 
'" We are not advising people not to go to club or bar but if you have to just remember that you must keep your hands clean, avoid contact with as many people as possible.'