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Best Sex Positions For 2014.

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You may have made a few resolutions and roughly planned your entire year already. From the places you want to travel to and what you want to achieve, 2014 seems sketched out for you. A relationship expert wants you to work on your sex life too, to make it fun and spicy. If you’re stuck in a sex rut, like many other people, check out these 12 exciting positions that you can try each month of this year.


Face-play: This position allows you and your man to look deep into each other’s eyes while getting intimate. Simply sit him down on a chair or on the edge of the bed. Jump onto his lap – slowly yet seductively. Let him take you by storm as he enters you. Meanwhile, place his hands on your body and guide him through the sexiest of your curves. The joy of ‘being together’ was never as satisfying – both of you will definitely agree with this after you’ve experienced this position.


Spooning with a difference: Lie on the bed and have him lie beside you. Lift your upper leg and pull his leg in between yours. Let him slowly enter you. To make it more exciting, let him slowly turn you around so that you are on top of him. Be careful not to put too much weight on one of his sides only. Spooning allows for deep penetration. It is also slower, compared to the other positions. This increases its excitement quotient.


Fine Dine 69: Lubrication is the key to great first time sex. The 69 position ensures that this happens. Stimulate each other long enough with oral sex, and then let your man change his angle and enter you as you lift your legs in the air. It will be a night to remember.


Butterfly: Lie down at the edge of your bed or your kitchen platform and let your legs fall over the edge. Get him to kneel or stand at the edge of the bed or platform and slowly lift the small of your back as he enters you. Rest your legs on his shoulders. This is an exciting position as it lets the blood rush to your head as he enters you. It will send you orgasming in a jiffy!


Make him stand: While you sit on a slightly higher surface. Since you are at the level of his waist, it doesn’t take him much effort to penetrate you. You will be opening yourself up to him (figuratively and literally!), giving him a chance for better foreplay.


Woman on top: What better way to dominate your man than with this position? This sex position gives you the power of control and guys luuuvv it too! Let him lie down on the bed, get on top of him, and well, you surely know what your next move will be! You can even slap him around a little for fun.


The slow climb: Keep a pillow under your butt and lift your hips and legs towards your shoulders. It stimulates the G-spot and making love becomes so much more erotic. In this position, you tend to feel more. Ask your partner to slowly mount you and penetrate. Be ready for the best orgasm ever


Rock away: Lie down on your stomach straight and ask your partner to lie flat against your body. With your legs resting on his, push your pelvis up. Now, ask your guy to push down gently, providing a little counter-resistance. This position will give you a break from the regular in-and-out thrusting as it emphasises more on rocking up and down.


For the power junkie: The good old Missionary position just had to figure on this list. It’s a godsend for men who love taking things into their own hands. In case of the Man-on-top, he’ll be taking your things into his hands. Let go, surrender and let him do as he pleases with you… pin your hands above your head, nibble your earlobes, bite your neck or simply snog away to orgasm.


The Scissor: This has the man kneeling in front of his partner who is lying down. He grips her ankles while doing it. This allows deep penetration and thus, gives more pleasure. It can be a little painful if it isn’t done on a flat surface. You should support the lower back with a soft cushion.


The Hang-Glider: It is adventurous and thrilling. Facing the man, the woman — necessarily slim and flexible — hangs reverse, her legs dangling over his shoulders and crossed behind and hands crossed behind his back. Perfect for cunnilingus.


Eagle: You stand on a staircase with your legs spread wide apart. Make him stand on the stair under yours, facing you. This will make it feel like you are doing it against the wall, but you aren’t really taking the support of anything. You could also entwine your legs around him if he can take your weight.