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FIFA is Investigating Germany Fans’ Blackface against Ghana

FIFA is Investigating Germany Fans’ Blackface against Ghana
Racism has been flashed on many headlines since the beginning of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
On Sunday, FIFA issued a statement that it is currently investigating photos of fans wearing blackface during Germany’s game against Ghana on Saturday.
If you watched the match, you must have seen several spectators supporting Germany, painting their faces black or wearing white T-shirts with “Ghana” written in black

A spokeswoman for FIFA told The Guardian that “We always take any evidence or submissions to our disciplinary committee. It is the disciplinary committee that will meet. If they see any grounds they will open proceedings. Then it is up to the disciplinary commission to make the decision.”
As the match between the TWO countries is over, investigations wouldn’t seem to stop the act. FIFA not stopping these people from entering the stadium, sends a message of indifference towards racism, says a sports analyst.