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Artists to get health insurance policy.

The organisation of the Entertainment Industry Lecture Series has said they are partnering with relevant government institutions to offer artists health insurance.
A statement by the organizers on Sunday said that the group decided to hold its health insurance convention because it was inspired by the Nigerian entertainment industry’s lack of a unified form of health insurance policy and ignorance which had led to the untimely and unavoidable deaths of several prominent entertainers in the music and movie industries.
“Amidst the perceived and misconstrued stupendous wealth on display, most of them later resort to the very degrading act of ‘public begging’ to raise large sums of money for their medical bills when the tides turn,” it stated.
It said this made it cogent to stage the first entertainment industry health insurance convention with the intent to introduce health insurance policies and its benefits to the Nigerian entertainment industry and the society at large.
According to the statement, the convention is designed as a customized learning and education platform for the practitioners of the entertainment industry and invariably members of the public at large to understand the importance of health insurance and embrace it.
It said, “The convention seeks to illuminate complex issues of health care practice and policy by bringing together leading-edge doers and thinkers – from operations to academia, from clinical practice to corporate management.
“It delineates perspectives of stakeholders throughout the healthcare community in addressing broad issues and the type of health insurance to go for.”
It also stated that it would inaugurate a Nigerian entertainment industry health trust fund.